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Divisions of Play Offered at University Little League

University Little League has two baseball seasons of play, Fall (registration begins in our around July) and Spring (signups begin in or around December). We accommodate children from ranging from ages 4-12 (based on league age as explained below). 

We also offer a softball season, accommodating girls from 2nd - 6th grade. We encourage girls younger than this age to participate in our Pee Wee baseball division in order to get acclimated to playing the sport.

We establish league age in accordance with national regulations, which classifies a player's league age as the age he or she will turn between September 1st of the Fall Season and August 31st following the Spring Season. For more info on your child's league age click here

If you have specific questions regarding any of the divisions below please contact the appropriate commissioner.

Pee Wee (4-6 Year-Olds):

This is the first level of baseball offered at ULL. The rules and regulations recognize that it is a developmental division designed to foster success and ensure a safe playing environment. Pee Wee uses softer, compression baseballs to promote safety and confidence as players take their first steps into the baseball world. 

Players at the "pitcher" position will also wear heart protectors due to their proximity to the batter. At this level coaches pitch from a knee a short distance from home plate. Children who do not put the ball into play after three swings will hit from a tee (there are no strikeouts in Pee Wee!). 

As in each of our divisions, kids will tryout before being placed onto teams in order to help strike a competitive balance across the league. 

We do keep score at the Pee Wee level; but ensuring the children are learning about baseball, having fun, and abiding by the rules of fair play and sportsmanship are the guiding principals of this division and the entire University Little League community.

Coach Pitch (7 & 8 Year-Olds):

Coach Pitch is an instructional division focused on player development and basic fundamentals such as throwing, catching and hitting.  As the division name suggests, coaches continue to pitch, but now from a further distance and from a standing position. Coach Pitch is the bridge from Pee Wee to Minors. At this level a hard ball is used and more rules begin to be implemented as the level of play advances.

Lower Minors (9-10 Year-Olds):

This is the first level of kid pitch league offered at ULL.  A strong emphasis is placed on development, understanding of the game, and developing good baseball habits.  

Upper Minors (10-11 Year-Olds):

Second level of kid pitch, bridging to Majors.

Major (11/12 Year-Olds):  

Final season of Little League, primarily league-age 11/12